The Bullying Simulator

Digital campaign for the anti-bullying organisation
“Friends” in order to raise awareness on net-bullying.

Background and brief.

In Sweden, one out of three teenagers are being net bullied. But the adults see nothing, and are relatively unaware of the problem. The Swedish Schools Inspectorate claims nine out of ten schools are doing too little to prevent mobbing, and especially on the net. We wanted to share knowledge and engagement among adults on this, so we wanted them to experience the awful reality. In order to do that, we created “The Bullying Simulator”.

How it works.

You log in on the application, and when starting the simulator you land on what appears to be your regular facebook-account. The same visual appearance, the same friends. But your friends turn against you and post taunts and obscenities all over your timeline. They post films showing how they mock you. Your photos are trashed with disparaging comments.

About Friends.

Friends is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of bullying. They educate and support schools and sports clubs throughout Sweden. Their vision is to see young children and adolescents grow up in a safe and secure society where all are treated equally. Read more about Friends.